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The Town of Carolina Beach has five (5) community parks throughout the Town.  These parks are all open to the public and open to improvements through the Friends of Carolina Beach. This non-profit is here for the community. Find more information about the parks and related projects you can help fund by browsing below and throughout this site.  

Drone video courtesy of William E, Carew, III




Residents and visitors have long enjoyed the beach area now known as Freeman Park. In fact, the area has become one of Carolina Beach's major attractions as it is one of the only beaches in NC that you can drive your 4X4 vehicle on. 

Whether coming to the area to swim, camp, fish, or go boating, crabbing or casting for minnows, people love Freeman Park. Visitors are drawn to the beautiful beach with its variety of wildlife, dunes and majestic sea grasses indigenous to the region. For additional information regarding Freeman Park, please visit the below link.


Carolina Beach Lake

Carolina Beach Lake was once noted in the Guiness Book of World Records as  being the freshwater lake closest to salt water. It is a great place for a  picnic and the site of Pleasure Island’s “Light Up The Lake” celebration  during the holiday season. This 11-acre lake offers 4 gazebos, restrooms, sheltered  picnic area and playground equipment.

In the heart of Carolina Beach you'll find Lake Park. This 11 acre fresh water lake is located just two short blocks from the ocean and  1 1/4 miles south of Snow's Cut Bridge and is bordered by S Lake Park Blvd,  Atlantis Ave. 4th Street and   Columbia Ave. A walking path circles the lake and is the perfect place to take a stroll or for the little ones to learn to ride their bikes. While enjoying the walking path keep an eye out for the several varieties of ducks and geese who call Carolina Beach Lake home.

On the north side of the lake is a playground, picnic shelter, gazebo, and public rest rooms. A small parking lot is adjacent to the playground, but can fill up quickly on busy weekends and during events.

The Town recently adopted a master plan for renovations at Lake Park.  That plan and additional information can be viewed at the below link.

Ryder Lewis Park


Mike Chappell Park

Mike Chappell Park is a 10-acre park has something for everyone in the family, even Fido. Mike Chappell Park is equipped with two tennis courts, 1 basketball court, 1 youth basketball area, playground equipment, dog park, baseball and softball fields, soccer field and skate park.  Hours of operation are from Dusk until 11:00 pm seven days a week.  The park is bounded by Sumter Avenue and Clarendon Boulevard.

Address: 501 South Dow Road, Carolina Beach, NC 28428


Bill MacDonald Park

Bill McDonald Park is a small neighborhood pocket park located at 308 Lumberton Avenue.  The park has a paved slab with gazebo, picnic table, and grill.  The park also has a bench, playground equipment, walkway, and water fountain.

Address: 308 Lumberton Avenue, Carolina Beach, NC 28428

A new playground was installed the summer of 2020!


Ryder Lewis Park

Joseph Ryder Lewis Jr. Park was officially opened to the public in February 2021. The property covers approximately 12 acres and lies just north of the Federal Point History Center.  The park has a parking area, picnic area, and a walking trail with interpretive signage with the history of the area. 

For additional information, please visit the below link.

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