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CB Tree Project

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The Goal

More trees and greenery in Carolina Beach … along our public roads and greenways, in our parks, in our yards 
and at our businesses.


Friends of Carolina Beach Parks & Greenways, the CB Trash Walkers, the Carolina Beach Beautification Committee, 
the North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF), Island Wildlife – Cape Fear Region

The Nursery

The CB Trash Walkers are litter removal patrol. Through the NCWF “Trees for Trash” program they can receive many trees, shrubs and grasses at no cost. 

We will build a nursery to nurture the saplings, shrubs and grasses. When the plants are more mature we’ll transfer them to places all around town… town owned properties, right-of-way areas, homes and businesses. 

We have a location secured that has a fresh water source. We just need to build and maintain it.

The Cost

Starting the nursery will cost roughly $2,000. We need deer fencing, 4x4 posts, shovels, rakes, mulch, topsoil and irrigation equipment. The labor will be 100% volunteers. We will seek no money from the Town of Carolina Beach. 
We will seek donated trees, shrubs and grasses, but will consider any opportunities.

The Tree Fund

We will continue to raise money for purchasing larger trees that can be planted at their final destination immediately. Some will be gifts to the town, some will be gifts to property owners and some will be part of a cost share. It depends on the opportunities.

Contribute to the goal today!

Tree Project Sponsors:

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